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Ourpalm New Office Revealed Move To Over Ten Thousand Square Meters Building This Year

Source:admin  Author:admin  Time:2016-09-01 15:23

In order to provide a more comfortable and efficient work environment, and to coincide with the expansion of company’s business, as well we to improve the basis of development, Ourpalm has put office expansion plan on the agenda. Now Ourpalm’s brand new office building has been revealed to the public. The new building is located in Ao’bei Technology Park on the north side of Beijing Olympic Park. The building’s designing plan has been finalized, the decoration is in progress, and is estimated to put into use at the end of this year.

It is reported that Ourpalm’s new headquarter is an independent building with 9 floors and 10,000 square meters size. Inside the building, simple style warm-toned color are used to create an atmosphere of freedom and pleasure. Meanwhile, curved design is used a lot in areas such as the reception desk, the trial zone and tea room, which forms a high-tech oriented stereoscopic space with the logo of Ourpalm immersed in it.

Comparing with the old office area, the new office area is much brighter and more spacious. The more reasonable layout will effectively improve the communication among employees. The translucence meeting room represents the company’s ideal of “Innovation, Openness, Collaboration, Efficiency”. Through the scientific optimization of the office area, Ourpalm hopes to further harmonize cooperation and competition, stimulate the creation inspiration and enthusiasm of its employees, generate greater chemical effect. 

As the first listed mobile game company in China, many products of Ourpalm are highly welcomed by players. Besides the 2015 hit products MU and The King of Fighters '98: Ultimate Match OL, World of Dragon Raja, Freestyle, Assassin’s Creed Online: Alliance, Heroes of Might and Magic: Era of War and other premium products are ready to be released, constituting a star products matrix with the widest coverage of game categories.

This year is the 20th anniversary for Ourpalm. During the past years, the company has been insisting to the development strategy of "Quality orientated, Pan-Entertainment, Platform & Channeling and Globalization”, integrating resources and enhancing the company by investing and merging excellent companies at home and abroad. Industry leaders such as Dovo Entertainment, Playcrab, Shang Game, Tianma Shikong have all joined Ourpalm; Unity Software, Webzen Games, H&R Century, Sports Window have become Ourpalm’s strategic partners and investment object to create values together.

In terms of the buoyant VR market, Ourpalm has achieved its comprehensive layout by investing Unity, Leke VR, 87870, Gamepoch, Orange VR and Internet Stars. Meanwhile, Ourpalm has cooperated with Sony to set up a VR lab in Putuo district, Shanghai. With the revelation of the Ourpalm’s new site, the two buildings on the south and the north echo each other, becoming the local landmark building in each area.

Ourpalm indicates that the relocation is not only about improving the working environment for employees, it is also beneficial to the collaboration of various business modules, the cultivation of company philosophy and the improvement of efficiency. In this way, Ourpalm group will gain a better growth space for the rapid development in the future.