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3D Ultimate Racing achieves RMB 10m monthly income

Source:admin  Author:admin  Time:2015-03-05 15:22

Recently, Ourpalm announced that monthly turnover of 3D Ultimate Racing, a self-developed racing mobile game, exceeded 12mn yuan in September, and there have been over 10 million logged in users. As of now, monthly turnover of the game has exceeded 10mn for two months, showing strong income generating ability. During the National Day holiday, there were up to 400,000 new logged in users in a single day.

In 2014, the Chinese mobile game market maintained rapid growth, but the number of high income-generating standalone mobile games was very small (Thunder Fighter, Fishing Joy etc). Incomes of most standalone mobile games are disproportionate with their numbers. As a standalone racing game, 3D Ultimate Racing boasts rising income while attracting a great deal of users. The monthly turnover is comparable with that of a multiplayer mobile game.

Ourpalm stated that standalone mobile games show the biggest potential in IP and platform. They will continue to improve the quality of the 3D Ultimate Racing, and start IP development in the entire industry chain. They plan to develop cultural products in music, cartoon, expression and peripheral fields, and produce a series of offline products to extend its lifeline. They will also make a series of moves across chain in the cultural industry to build an industry-leading brand IP for the 3D Ultimate Racing.