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Ourpalm was founded in Beijing in 2004 as a government licensed telecommunications and service provider. Early beginnings in web and mobile content have since evolved and secured Ourpalm a place as one of China's leading web and mobile game developer, publisher and operator of today.

In May 2012 Ourpalm made its first public offering on the Shenzhen Stock exchange. The current company worth exceeds USD 4b (Stock No. 300315) primarily focusing on smart mobile and social web game development, publishing and operations, Ourpalm comprises around 2000 talented individuals and has experience in game development and publishing for over 200 titles.

In order to reach the company's strategic goal of "Quality orientated, Pan-Entertainment, Platform & Channeling and Globalization", based on current organic growth, Ourpalm is constantly working towards strategic investment mergers and acquisitions with game developers and industry leaders. Recent M&As include Dovo Entertainment, PlayCrab, ShangGame, TIANMA and also strategically invested Unity Software, H&R Century Pictures.

Leveraging the post M&A integration and synergy, Ourpalm's mobile and web game are covering main game genres including TCG, Hardcore ARPG,Casual, Racing, FPS, SPG, SLG+TD making the company the top game developer and publisher with the most diversed portfolio.

TIANMAa game developer founded in 2010, developed outstanding game titles like 'Dream of Sui and Tang', 'Furious Sword', etc., its top selling title 'MU mobile' is a mobile game title authorized by WEBZEN (Korean game company), 'MU Mobile' created the industry record of 26M RMB daily top-up on the day of debut in Dec., 2014 and stayed as top five in APPSTORE grossing ranking ever since. For the first time listed, TIANMA was ranked as No.7 IOS game company in Appannie's China iOS mobile game index for Dec, 2014.

Unity Software IncThe Unity engine developed by Unity Software Inc. plays a leading role in global game apps, and boasts high prestige and influence. This investment expands the company’s brand influence throughout the world. With both parties’ resources and channels at home and abroad, it allows for synergy and improves industrial structure and comprehensive competitiveness.

PlayCrab Games is one of China’s leading mobile game developers and operators. In September 2012, Playcrab released (Da zhang men), which was enthusiastically welcomed by the mobile gaming community, earning a long standing place in the top 5 grossing games in the China APPSTORE. On two separate occasions, Da Zhang Men earned over USD 1.6m in a single day.

ShangGame is one of China’s leading online games developer and operator. At present, ShangGame has successfully developed and operated both mobile and web versions of (3 Kingdoms Tower Defense), which shortly after release accumulated over 43 million players on Tencent’s web game platform and earned over USD 24.5m in revenue. The iOS version also saw similar success earning itself a place in the top 10 grossing games within the China APPSTORE.

Dovo Entertainment is the largest web game contributor to Tencent’s gaming platform, with recent titles earning hit game status. (Zhan Long San Guo) earned itself a name when the sole month’s revenue for November 2013 exceeded USD 8m. Both (Xun Xia) and (San Fen Tian Xia) also gained major recognition when accumulated player spending surpassed USD 16m.

H&R Century Pictures primary operations consists of TV and film, celebrity representation, game development, TV and music productions. H&R is known for famous TV and movie productions including; Painted Skin 2, Tiny Times 1 & 2 as well as its involvement with YangMi and TangYan Studios. H&R Pictures will bring Ourpalm a step closer to reaching pan-entertainment strategic goals.